Cordrose Management Limited

29 Mayford Road
SW12 8SE
020 3633 0105

Cordrose Management provides professional property management services – we help you achieve your goals and give you the peace of mind that is paramount to every property owner knowing that your property is efficiently and carefully managed.

Property Management Services

Our management approach is straightforward and comprehensive.  The services we undertake ensure properties are properly maintained and meet legal requirements compliance and good practice for fire, health and safety regulations. We promote a professional and constructive relationship with the property’s tenants and lessees.

Delivering your services

Are you an established investor or are you new to the market? Are you about to take on responsibility for management through right to manage or a residents’ management company? Do you have a single property or a larger mixed portfolio?

Our focus is to deliver effective management. Unlike many managers we are not encumbered by letting agent and related activities.

Experience has shown that many landlords would welcome the benefits of having access to professional managers who are able to provide a full service which is committed to your needs and goals, without distractions. Our portfolio management service is customised to your needs and will bring to you the benefits of our extensive experience in property management.

Our experience in property management and administration extends over twenty years. Our clients include professional investors with property portfolios, private landlords, leaseholder-owned residents’ management companies and right-to-manage companies.

How we do this

We meet you to gain a proper understanding of your requirements and how this relationship needs to work for you, any issues with property such as outstanding maintenance. We can then set up an annual budget to cover normal running costs and insurance, and establish a forward plan for repairs and maintenance. Our experience has enabled us to develop management and financial systems that deliver these services at reduced overheads and increased profitability.

In short, we supply a specialist service which includes the options of financial control and day-to-day financial management. Our service can encompass as little or as much time as you require.

A management service tailored to your needs

Our services are tailored to the requirements of the landlord and the nature of the portfolio.

The basic service will provide a budget and itemised accounts of income and expenditure including tax return data linked to your own management. The comprehensive service provides this plus maintenance, regulatory compliance including Fire, Health and Safety, legal compliance, management accounts, tenant relationship management and rent collection.

Our fee structure is simple, inclusive and without "hidden extras". Our fees are competitive, and we can pass on to you the benefit of low overheads. We offer our clients a friendly, comprehensive and affordable support service supported by a breadth of skills that have been developed in blue-chip businesses.


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