Knowledge Bank: A PM’s guide to Net Zero

Delivering energy efficiency and carbon savings for your residents


6 May 21


10:00 to 11:00

We are delighted to be joined by Rupert Mackay, and Christian Koch from Data Energy who will be discussing energy efficiency.  The climate crisis is now a global concern and individuals are becoming increasingly mindful of their own environmental impact. Data Energy’s experts will discuss the UK’s Net Zero commitments and how PM’s can deliver energy efficiency and carbon savings for residents.  This session will cover:

  • What is Net Zero?
  • Boris’ “Green Industrial Revolution”
  • Improving energy efficiency of buildings
  • The challenge of decarbonising heat
  • Regulation and best practice

Rupert Mackay, Director, Data Energy has worked in the residential sector for 30 years, helping Property Managers deliver sound solutions to resident’s energy needs. His aim is to help Property Managers understand this evolving world and raise energy awareness at consumer level. Rupert brings his experience to the table in a manner that slices down the complexities into more digestible forms.

Christian Koch, District Energy & Heat Network Engineer, Data Energy is a fully qualified mechanical engineer, bringing knowledge and expertise from Germany. Christian specialises in heat networks and has recently been working on a government funded project, reviewing the performance of heat networks and exploring ways to improve operation. Rupert and Christian work closely together and have a mutual interest in highlighting the importance of heat networks and other low-carbon heat sources.

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