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20 Apr 21


10:00 to 11:00

This webinar is presented by Mary-Anne Bowring, CEO, Ringley, in association with NOTB Events and training. 

With changes in the law, to understand cladding not only to ensure you give competent advice to your clients, but also to protect your company and to satisfy their professional indemnity insurers is important. EWS1 was born, reinvented and reborn and The Fire Safety Bill is coming…..  All this stems from the Hackitt Report commissioned by the government in response to the Grenfell tragedy.  The focus is on the golden thread of information and EWS1 is just the first part. 

To understand more about the what, the why and the how, and to prepare for what is coming all Property Managers need to upskill and get conversant in all this.  Join us to learn more, we are the UK’s number one advisory firm for cladding & the Building Safety Fund.  Ringley has trained government ministers on the EWS1 (External Wall System) forms, and Mary-Anne Bowring leads Ringley’s response to the cladding crisis. Our London-headquartered residential property consultancy manages over 12,000 homes across the UK, nearly a fifth of the portfolio has been impacted by EWS1 issues.

In recent weeks the sheer scale of the cladding crisis has become clear, with close to 3,000 buildings registering for the government’s building safety fund. Ringley were among the first to complete all our EWS1s in Spring 2020 and lodge grant applications throughout 2020. However, this cannot be solved by the private sector alone and we need to see far greater and more urgent action from the government in tackling these issues head on. Again via the know how you glean from these webinars we can help you achieve this.

We have split the course into 2 sessions which will run on the same day. You have the option of booking the morning or afternoon session for £35 plus VAT each or both sessions for £60 plus VAT. 

The morning session will be held at 10:00am and will cover the following: 

Session 1 - 20th April 2021: 10:00

  • History and Introduction to External Building Control
  • Why is it important ?
  • What Happened at Grenfell
  • Lessons to be learned
  • New World Fire Order 
  • Q&A

The afternoon session will be held at 14:00pm and will cover the following: 

Session 2 - 20th April 2021: 14:00

  • Will this be the last change to the EWS1 process?
  • Will mortgage companies in the future want the whole Building Safety File?
  • ​Will there be a central register for this?
  • Who is responsible for procuring the EWS1: developer of ManCo?
  • ​Q&A​

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