Rewriting the rules on fire safety

Do you want total peace of mind that your residents are safe from fire risks? NOD is a new proptech solution to life safety aimed at block managers from Future Fire Systems.

The topic that got everyone talking at the 2018 ARMA conference was Proptech. Tech solutions to everyday problems are really starting to impact block management, making all our lives easier and better connected and James Dearsley’s presentation showcased the ways in which technology is now changing the way we work. A great example of how proptech can be used to tackle everyday tasks is a new device launched by Future Fire Systems that aims to completely change the way block managers deal with faulty life safety systems. 

Fire safety is at the forefront of all our minds these days, but when they are not on-site, block managers don’t know when systems are in fault, often relying on maintenance teams and even residents to alert them to problems. 


This isn’t good enough; faulty systems can put the lives and property of residents at risk. So in response Future Fire Systems has launched NOD – an auto-notification device that retro-fits into existing fire alarm panels, monitoring systems in real-time and sending signals to a cloud-based App or web portal via a 4G SIM. 

Once installed and connected to an existing system, NOD advises users that all their systems are fully operational or ‘healthy’ until they receive a ‘fire’ or ‘fault’ signal.  A monitoring community can be set up so that the signal can be sent to any user or group of users (i.e. block managers) linked to the device and/or property. NOD will also monitor when contractors attend site to carry out planned maintenance, as they will be producing ‘fires’ and ‘faults’ and additional monitored switching can be introduced i.e. touch in and out systems for other trades such as cleaning teams and gardeners etc.  

The system can be installed at a very low cost and use of the App is then charged monthly, over a yearly subscription.  

Future Fire Systems is now an approved partner with the alarm transmission service provider. The use of 4G wireless technology means no wiring needs to be installed in the building and the 4G network is on a roaming SIM, which means it connects to the strongest area network provider, eradicating any downtime associated with using a single provider.

But what makes this kit unique, is that the end user has full visibility of the status of their equipment via the NOD App, as well as the capabilities of signalling an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) where this is required. The software platform that supports NOD was originally produced for the security sector and Future Fire Systems will be working to further develop the system, ensuring it meets the needs of the fire protection sector.

The equipment is approved to UK and EN standards and is independently certified and recommended by insurers. 

Bradley Parker, Future Fire Systems MD, sets out the benefits of NOD as he sees them: “The App is not only of real practical benefit to block managers who are on the go and may be unaware of faulty systems, but being one step ahead of that phone conversation with an angry resident sick of listening to a faulty fire alarm promotes professionalism,” he says.  “Also, most important in our opinion, NOD will actively reduce the time systems are in fault, providing a greatly enhanced life safety service to residents and their property”


Bradley Parker, Managing Director at Future Fire Systems

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