Tales to help you understand leasehold law

Have you ever felt like the world of leasehold law is just too boring; confusing; legalised; full of jargon; inaccessible; complicated; daunting…? Do you own a flat, but literally have no idea what you have let yourself in for?  

Tenant’s Tales is looking to change all of that and bring leasehold law into real life, so that you, the leaseholder, stand a chance!  

Today, you’ll meet a few of our fictional tenants, most of whom you will recognize from your own experiences of flat living.


Miss Browne

Meet Miss Browne, a newly qualified teacher living in shared housing in central London. She’s been saving all her spare cash to buy her first flat, and will be moving in soon with her boisterous pet poodle, Max. She has never encountered leasehold property before, and feels a bit lost.  “What do you mean there is a lease?”

Mrs Funnell

Meet Mrs Funnell, who lives downstairs and knows everyone’s business! She’s the resident complainer, and consistently refused to pay her service charges: “Why should I pay for that?” Mrs Funnell lives alone, since Mr Funnell passed away a few years ago, and insists on leaving her potted plants in the communal hallway.

Mr Anderson

Meet Mr Anderson, the resident party boy who owns the Penthouse Flat, which he inherited from his dad, an obscure musician from the 70s. He has a PA, who he heavily relies on for every aspect of his day to day life. His parties are a regular cause of disturbance for his neighbours, with late night music and lots of visitors coming and going.

Mr & Mrs Flint

Joint heads of the Residents Association, Mr and Mrs Flint are serial Googlers, and think that they know all there is to know about flat living. They tried to extend their lease without seeking any legal advice a couple of years ago, and it went terribly wrong. “Yes, but I’ve been Googling the subject and…”

Mr Castle

Mr Castle is the owner of Flats Are Us, the Managing Agent. Owing to too many unnecessary exchanges with Mrs Funnell about things that do not need to be discussed, Mr Castle has developed quite a talent for not listening to the Tenants, “Yes, yes (sigh) umm hmmm, yes Mrs Funnell I understand…”

Leah Veasey, Senior Solicitor anda member of the Enfranchisement team at Bolt Burdon


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