Do you care about your building?

Buildings are far more than just the elevations and internal spaces that people see and use each day. Each building, estate, client and occupier will have their own individual requirements. We would advocate that Planned Preventative Maintenance, when properly directed, is one of the property owner’s most important management tools with each building receiving its own dedicated survey, review and important maintenance programme.

Mechanical, electrical and out of sight “no glory” elements are too often ignored until something breaks down. When this happens there will be the consequence of the loss of use of the service given. Thus, a room, a floor or a building may be out of use as a result. That loss will have its own cost but it is a cost generated by not looking after the “no glory” items that contribute to a building working.

Planned Preventative Maintenance allows all parties to appreciate that there is an educated direction to the building management of their property. In our experience, we have found that the cancellation or postponement of repairs and maintenance management is often trumpeted as good accountancy to balance the books for today. The reality is that pennies saved now become uncontrolled additional pounds that must be spent tomorrow. Short cuts invariably fail in the medium and long run. By then the function, appearance and value of the property has fallen and the “catch up” required becomes a financial and functional burden.


Our expertise covers the full gambit of residential properties from listed converted houses to purpose-built flats, as well as the equivalent management of commercial and institutional properties. We can extend these professional aids to refurbishments, being an upgrade, redesign or change of use of existing buildings. Harding Chartered Surveyors will supply all of these services.


David Toogood is Director of Harding Chartered Surveyors

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