Adiuvo introduce 'Inerro'

Do you want to be able to “walk around” your sites and buildings at any time and the move of a mouse? If so, Adiuvo have introduced Inerro, a 360 degree virtual video walkthrough of the communal parts of your buildings and sites. 

The idea behind the service is that often office based staff are dealing with enquiries on sites that they have not had the opportunity to visit however now, via a secure link, that whole building is available to them immediately to seamlessly view, including all external. This provides better knowledge and understanding of sites enabling improved customer service. As well as virtually walking through the site a dollhouse view is also created so all parts of site are available via one click (the process also generates floor plans).

Adiuvo send digital photographers to site to capture, via a series of 360 photographs, the whole building and these are then stitched together using our partners platform to produce the tour however that’s not all, once completed the we can, with the agents input add tags and information and photographs. This can lead to the tour being utilised as the total repository for all information for the site. This can be for specific installation information for example as you pass the lift the contract details become available. Additionally notes about historic issues can be added or access details (a code for a specific door) or photographs of internal layout of a riser cupboard. We can add whatever the agent can provide in order to make the tour a one stop shop for the building. 


The service not only works for members of staff and those covering for colleagues to improve their knowledge but contractors can be provided the link when instructing if they are not familiar with site.  As google maps and directions are built into the front end of the tours it can assist attending engineers furthermore if contractors are having issues onsite it is possible for property management staff to join them on the same tour to point out specific areas of issues, literally walking them to the problem they are instructed to attend.  Other uses include covering site staff or concierges being able to familiarise themselves with site prior to attending or obviating the need for some very basic surveys such as possibly cleaning quotations improving efficiency.

The tours are available for a one off fee, a yearly hosting cost and come with a lifetime of unlimited tag additions or amendments. 

Inerro is the Latin for walk around if anyone was wondering.

For further information,  or to see a video example please click here. 

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