Alexa! When is my rent due?

A pioneering London estate agent is using the latest in artificial intelligence to make the lives of landlords and tenants easier.
Vesper Homes has developed a new service through the innovative cloud-based voice service so that both landlords and tenants can ask questions about their properties via an Amazon Echo.
All landlords signed up to Vesper Homes fully managed service receive a free Echo Dot, which can provide all manner of details associated with their account and tenancies.
Questions the landlord can ask Alexa include: “When is my rent due?” or “When is my break clause?
Tenants will also receive an Echo Dot, which they can use to report a problem with their rental property.
James Cameron, director of Vesper Homes, said:
"Tenants often complain of non-responsive landlords and letting agents when it comes to reporting issues with their property, but he believedusing Alexa would get round the issue."
He added: “Alexa is just one of the solutions we have come up with to improve the landlord and tenant experience, with more to come.”


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