Block Management – A Spotlight on the Small Operator

Our industry has lots of smaller operators, working in their geographical area, and forming part of the local community around them. The personal touch they bring to the table is unparalleled. Yet, the challenges they face, from compliance to operational overheads, often stifle their growth and potential. Enter B-hive Block Management Partners, a company committed to empowering the small operators, helping them have the best of both worlds by supporting them in the background as a credible, capable Partner and enabling them to deliver good block management services, knowing their back office solution is covered.

Understanding the Unique Place of Small Operators

Smaller operators often offer bespoke services tailored to individual clients, prioritise quality over quantity, and can pivot quickly without being ensnared by the red tape of larger corporations. They have the flexibility to set their own fees, believing steadfastly in the unique service they provide. This is the essence of the boutique operator: personal and customer-centric.


B-hive's Answer to the Small Operator's Needs

B-hive is a fresh and transformative approach to estate and block management. We believe the future of block management lies in partnerships, with B-hive as the trusted, credible and capable partner, managing the complexities behind the scenes, allowing you to focus on delivering a high level of service to your customers and setting your charges at the level you feel valued at. We provide the necessary back-office solutions to client finance service charge accounting, compliance, marketing, systems, software, a client portal and comprehensive training to hit the ground running, enabling you to perform the role of Block Manager compliantly and efficiently. 

At B-hive we are well-aware of the distinctive challenges and advantages of the smaller block management operator.

Simplifying Block Management: Block management can be complex, with various facets to handle. We offer streamlined processes and state-of-the-art software solutions, making the management aspect seamless and more accessible for you. By breaking down intricate tasks and offering clear guidance, we empower you to provide quality services without getting overwhelmed. 

Lowering Overheads: High operational costs can be a hurdle for smaller agents. Our business model helps reducing the need for extensive infrastructure and ensuring that you only pay for the services you utilise, enabling you to maintain lower overheads and focus on delivering quality property management.

Best of Both Worlds: By partnering with B-hive, you can enjoy the benefits of an expansive network and vast resources, while maintaining your independent brand identity and decision-making power. Our model combines the benefits of your local and personal business with the resources and expertise typically found in larger companies.

Harbour Compliance: Compliance is non-negotiable in the block management industry. Our expertise ensures that all regulatory and best practice requirements are met, safeguarding your reputation and operations. Regulations can be tricky to navigate, especially for small businesses that may not have dedicated teams to focus on each specialism required, often relying on the business owners to have the solution. B-hive ensures that all processes and operations are compliant, mitigating risks and ensuring peace of mind.

Enabling Growth: B-hive's support system, from training to robust processes, empowers you to grow compliantly and competitively in the modern landscape. By handling many of the complexities of block management, we allow you to focus on scaling your operations and expanding your new business opportunities.

Supporting Independence: Small operators often thrive on offering unique, tailored services. At B-hive, we ensure this independent spirit is nurtured and not stifled, providing the necessary support, while allowing you to maintain your bespoke services.

Wellbeing & Balance: By taking on many of the challenging aspects of block management, B-hive helps you strike a better work-life balance. With our comprehensive support, you can focus on client relationships, knowing that you have a competent, compliant partner handling the back-office complexities. 

Proud to be working with two Partners that have been shortlisted for the prestigious PMA 2023 Awards in 3 categories:

Samantha Massey, Director of SAMAS Property Management, shares her journey: "I have been approached countless times in the last 20 years to consider starting my own managing agent and have finally decided to take the plunge. I know I will have the backup I need from B-hive Block Management Partners to deliver the engaged and collaborative management service that I believe in."

Similarly, Jamie Fletcher, Director of Olympus Management, praises B-hive's proficiency: "B-hive has been very responsive and, using their interactive portal streamlines the process, with everything done digitally, with methodical workflows and key activity logged in a transparent manner. I know that anything to do with finance, compliance, or company secretarial duties will be taken care of and completed professionally. I am really pleased so far and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship as the Olympus Management portfolio continues to grow."



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