Boy rescued by ‘Spiderman’ after flats fall

A four-year-old boy who managed to cling on to a balcony at a block of flats after falling two floors was rescued by a brave passerby who has been nicknamed Spiderman!

Mamoudou Gassama, 22, scaled four floors in less than 30 seconds to reduce the boy who had fallen in the French capital’s 18th arrondissement last week.

The hero shimmied across a ledge to the child to safety in view of shocked onlookers below, including one who videoed the fearless event.


It is thought the boy was left by his father, who had gone shopping, but stayed out longer because he was playing Pokemon Go!

Mamoudou has now been granted French citizenship and been promised a job in the Fire Service following his daring rescue.

The Mali native said he was "deeply honoured" after President Emmanuel Macron made the surprise announcement at the Elysee Palace this morning.

French prosecutor Francois Molins revealed the boy's dad was taken into custody and said that he now “realises what he did and what could have happened”.

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