Courts, Tribunals and COVID-19

This announcement was first published on the Winckworth Sherwood website

The Property Tribunal (First Tier and Upper Tier), which deals with long leasehold residential disputes such as service charges, enfranchisement and breach of covenant, has today confirmed that hearings and mediations listed from Monday 23 March for 3 weeks may be postponed. The judge in charge will decide whether this is the case, with the presuming in favour of postponement.

If so, the parties should be given the choice as to whether the case is dealt with on papers only or is relisted for a hearing after the end of June 2020. Urgent cases might be heard in person before the end of June 2020, or by teleconferences. Cases ordinarily dealt with by telephone or on the papers will continue as normal as long as there is sufficient judicial and administrative resource available. 

Mark Vinall, Partner, Lease Extension and Enfranchisement at Winckworth Sherwood



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