Four-storey house converted into fourteen micro-apartments

Innovative developers are responsible for the conversion of a terraced four-story Victorian house - in West Hampstead, London - into fourteen mini-apartments just under 194 square feet.

Designed by Laura Encinas of architecture and design practice Bicbloc, the 18 square metre micro-apartments were developed and constructed for £600 000; they are estimated to be worth around £371 000.

Encinas said: "The property was converted in line with a co-living concept, according to the client’s wish to ‘cater to the strong rental demand’ and ‘changing living habits’ in London."


She also commented: "With a ‘very limited’ budget, Bicbloc developed a ‘compact and modular’ design that would be ‘easily adapted’ in each apartment to maximise space."

The design consists of a ‘group of volumes intersecting’, she added, which incorporates all the necessary functions required of a flat - large storage system, bed, kitchen and bathroom.

The development of these micro-apartments are particularly relevant in light of the housing crisis hitting an extreme high, with Britain running short of four million homes. They could be seen as a possible solution.

Currently, the flats are only available for renting.


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