PLP Fire Protection Statement – Regarding support to your Fire Safety Systems during the Covid 19 Outbreak

It is important that we continue to maintain and repair Fire Safety Systems to ensure the safety of residents.

We have put in special measures to ensure we continue to do this.

To assist Property Managers with the questions they have we have setup a Q and A section on our website which is being continually updated so that Property Managers are kept informed of anything relating to the fire safety services we provide within their blocks during the COVID 19 outbreak


The link to see the Q and A section, plus our downloadable policy can be found here.

We would ask that Property Managers continue to email with any questions they have or any specific procedures relating to COVID 19 and there development.

From speaking with our customers, they are reassured with the information and procedures we have put in place, in addition this Q and A platform provides a resource for any question the Property Manager may have regarding the Fire Safety Systems within their development.

As a BAFE third party certificated company we also have instant access to guidance as an when it is issued which we are passing on to our customers.

So what are we providing to Property Managers during the COVID 19 Outbreak?

Key Points

  • An email platform for Property Managers to inform us of any specific procedures they may have in place for the block (


  • Q and A Section on our website for Property Managers providing up to date information


  • Free telephone technical support 24 hours a day


  • 24 hour reactive call outs for fire safety systems


  • We have purchased additional spares to support our customers


  • We have setup remote access to all office systems to ensure business continuity


  • All engineers have been given specific additional health and safety training and have been issued Hand sanitisers, Thermometer, Anti-bacterial wipes and gloves.


  • Strict additional health and safety policies and procedures in place.


  • Updates from BAFE issued to ARMA


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