Tragic Fall of 5-Year-Old Boy in East London Highlights Window Safety Concerns

Floral tributes left by distraught residents

A heart-wrenching incident unfolded in East London as a five-year-old boy, Alam Makial, tragically fell 150 feet from the 15th floor of Jacobs House. Alam's mother had reportedly raised concerns about the safety of the window multiple times with Newham Council before the accident occurred.

The tragic event happened around 6am, with neighbors hearing anguished cries from a man and a woman shouting "my boy" as they stood over Alam's lifeless body. Alam's aunt, Maryan Hadafow, confirmed that his mother had sent five emails to the council, highlighting the dangerous nature of the windows.

"He went into the kitchen and opened the window," Maryan said. "His mother had complained to Newham Council about that window. She sent five emails about how they open and said they


were not safe for her kids, but no one did anything."

Maryan described her nephew as a "lovely" boy who was a huge Arsenal fan. She added that he had gotten up early to go to school shortly before the tragic fall.

Another resident, Luka Tunjic, 65, shared his concerns about the windows, recounting his own fears when his child was young. "I always locked them as it can be so dangerous. I live on the tenth floor. I’m so sorry for my neighbors; it’s a tragedy."

The tower block community is deeply shaken by the incident. Neighbors have laid flowers at the scene, with one tribute reading: "To the family, you are in our thoughts. May he shine brightly in your hearts forever. Love from all of us."

JJ Armstrong, a father of two who lives on the 12th floor, described the distressing scene. "I heard something outside. I looked down and saw a man standing over a child, screaming ‘my boy, my boy, my boy is dead’ repeatedly. He was distraught and walking in circles. It was horrible to see."

Residents of Jacobs House are in shock, struggling to comprehend the tragedy. One mother from the block expressed the community's grief, stating, "We know the family. The parents are at the hospital. Other family members are in the flat. Apparently, the boy was up early and then fell from the window. It was an accident, but no one knows how it happened. People are looking for answers."

Another neighbor mentioned, "I spoke to the mum a few weeks ago and saw her with her son in the lift. He was lovely. Today, she could barely speak."

The Metropolitan Police have not made any arrests in connection with the incident. A spokesperson stated, "We were called at 5:58am on Thursday, May 16, to reports of a child having fallen from height at New City Road, E13. Despite the efforts of emergency services, he sadly died at the scene. His family are aware and are being supported. The death is being treated as unexpected, and inquiries are underway to establish the full circumstances."

Newham Council has pledged to support the grieving family. "The Council is continuing to establish the facts regarding this tragic incident. Until we have further information, we're unable to make any further comment. Our priority is to support the family at this devastating time," a spokesperson said.


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