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Can you advise if our buildings insurance would cover damage due to ingress of water and cost of subsequental internal repairs? This has occurred last weekend due to an exceptional rainstorm and driving winds penetrating areas of brickwork adjoining window frames and lintels.

If a claim was allowed by the Insurance company would this be made by our Property Management Company? We do have our own Right to Manage Company with appointed Director residents.



This will depend on your insurance provider and the terms of the policy in place at the time the damage occurs, so I can only speak for Deacon and our approach in similar circumstances.  

In my experience, this type of claim is likely to fall under one of two classifications.  

Storm damage, which would normally mean that wind speeds of 55mph or more have been recorded.   This type of claim, often referred to as ‘Storm Peril’ by insurers and brokers, usually means the policy will cover both internal and external damage to the property.  

If, on the other hand, the external damage has not been caused by storm strength winds, then it is unlikely that any external damage will be covered by the policy – but it may still cover  internal damage. For example, where damage is caused by the ingress of water resulting from bad weather - even where any winds recorded were less than 55mph. 

In these circumstances, it’s likely the internal damage would be covered by what brokers and insurers refer to as the policy’s ‘Accidental Damage Peril’ (subject to any exclusions set out in the policy).

Registering and processing a claim will depend on your current set up.  If your property is managed by an agent, you may find that their service agreement includes reporting and managing any insurance claims on your behalf with the broker or insurer.  

Alternatively, if no such arrangements are in place, then a claim is usually registered by the freeholder, landlord or leaseholder - who may nor may not be the director of a Resident Management or Right To Manager Company.     

Arranging buildings insurance for flats and making a claim can be complex, particularly when  multiple flats are involved, and I hope I’ve helped answer your questions.    


Luke Tarlton, Claims Team Manager at Deacon

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