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I live in a private residential apartment building in London. I am thinking of buying an electric vehicle but there are currently no electric charging points for my building or nearby. 

Can I ask the property management company to consider installing these or would it be down to me solely to fund my own charging point? Any advice would be appreciated. 



If a resident living in an apartment block is considering buying an Electric vehicle, they should raise the matter of vehicle charging solution with the managing agent. It is important to have a co-ordinated approach when considering EV charge point installations as it requires consent from the freeholder, amongst several other legal and practical implications which need to be considered.

We offer free consultancy support to managing agents to help them navigate this new and uncharted territory.

There are options available to upgrade the electrical infrastructure to the entire site to enable future proofing to cope with the increase in EV charging demand overtime. The power supply to the site needs to be carefully considered otherwise there is an inherent risk of running out of power supply to cope with the increase in demand for the development, especially if a piece-meal approach is adopted. The agent or freeholder, in this scenario, could be open to criticism by residents unable to charge their electric vehicles.

As trusted partners of The Property Institute (TPI), we at EVC, understand the site-specific needs for individual sites and can tailor our solutions accordingly. We offer a fully funded solution i.e., Zero cost installation & future maintenance to qualifying sites. As a bonus, we offer free feasibility studies for all sites as we work as partners to Managing Agents and Freeholders to provide EV Charging solution.

We are therefore proud to be leading the transition to greener transport for the residential block management and built to rent sector.

I have added the link below to a selection of our case studies, including Residential Block sector Case Studies | Success Stories With EV Charging Solutions

Harpreet Singh B.Sc (Hons), M.Sc, MTPI, Head of Residential at EVC Charging

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