Knowledge Bank: Collective Enfranchisement vs RTM – the Pros and Cons


21 Sep 23


10:00 to 11:00

During our online Knowledge Banks, you will have the opportunity to listen and interact during sessions and not only update your knowledge, but ask questions to help solve any issues you may have.

In this webinar, hosted by Roger Hardwick, Partner and Verity McMahon, Senior Associate at Brethetons we will cover the following: 

  • An overview of both rights.
  • What the leaseholders achieve, by exercising each right; the premises included in each claim; the property and interests that the leaseholders must or may acquire by exercising the right; the degree of control over the management of the premises which the RTM company acquires; and tripartite leases.
  • The qualifying conditions for the right to manage and collective enfranchisement, respectively; and some of the main differences, including leaseholders with multiple flats and “appurtenant property”.
  • The process for acquiring the right to manage and collective enfranchisement; notices of invitation to participate and right to manage claims; the initial notice and claim notice, compared; counter notices; applications to the Tribunal; and the conveyance, in the case of collective enfranchisement claims.
  • The pros and cons of both RTM and Collective Enfranchisement 
  • The price, in the case of collective enfranchisement claims and an overview of the principles for determining the price. 
  • The landlord’s right to recover costs, and costs incurred in connection with FTT proceedings.
  • Upcoming reforms

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