Knowledge Bank: Fast & Efficient Service Charge Account Preparation

Tips, Tricks and Advice


30 Nov 23


10:00 to 11:00

During our online Knowledge Banks, you will have the opportunity to listen and interact during sessions and not only update your knowledge, but ask questions to help solve any issues you may have.


In this webinar Ray Armand, Managing Director of Qube Accountants will present on how to make Service Charge Account Preparation a pushover rather than a pain.


Are you frustrated with the inefficiency in your service charge team? Is it time to slicken things up? Do want things to be more efficient?

This session will focus on how to streamline your internal processes to reduce the time and effort it takes to provide information needed for the preparation of Service Charge Accounts for the blocks/estates you manage. Ray will explain some simple tips and tricks to improve your processes as well as provide done-for-you checklists which your team can implement right away for maximum impact.

- Reduce your team’s frustration at year end.
- Reduce the number of queries that come back from the accountant
- Reduce the turnaround time that it takes from company financial year end date to presenting the Service Charge Accounts to your clients.

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