BSF Cladding Remediation Fund: We're here to help

With an extra £3.5 billion and applications extended to 30th June 2021 now is the time to apply for the Building Safety Fund cladding remediation grant.

The single most urgent issue facing landlords or residents’ management companies in apartment buildings with combustible external wall systems is remediation or, to put it more starkly, making their building safe for its residents. In recent weeks, the Government has announced an extra £3.5 billion for its Building Safety Fund, originally launched in June 2020, providing grants for a range of cladding remediation work on buildings above 18 metres in height.

However, time is of the essence: the closing date for full applications has recently been extended to 30th June 2021, with work having to commence by 30th September 2021. So, for landlords, RMCs and managing agents looking to apply, the message has to be : do it now.


This is where the cladding remediation team at SAY can really help. We are an award-winning advisory business which specialises in residential, commercial and mixed-use property consultancy. To date we’ve played a part in helping our clients secure grants of £35.3million from the Government’s ACM and BSF funds. And they tell us our assistance has been crucial in what is a complex and often daunting application process. To date, where we have assisted our clients in obtaining grants, our fees have been recovered in full, as the Government is keen that applications are handled by suitably qualified professionals.

Complicated and time-consuming 

Submitting an application is complicated and time-consuming. The process of applying is hugely prescriptive and requires the participation of numerous third-party collaborators. The risk posed by the external wall system needs to be identified; detailed input is needed from a range of fire safety consultants, building surveyors, lawyers and architects.

There is also an obligation to update the leaseholders regularly.  This includes collecting and uploading a signed ‘state-aid declaration’ from qualifying leaseholders.

SAY’s project management service is invaluable in navigating the application process successfully and swiftly. Our track record of successfully managing applications to the ACM and Building Safety Funds through our project management of consultancy teams as well as our property management and legal experience, enables us to provide a focused, specialist service.

Dynamic liaison with third parties 

We take a structured, planned approach to the application, which in turn is complemented by focused project management including active, liaison with our client and all the relevant third parties. This ensures a claim is progressed and pushed through efficiently and quickly.

It’s worth considering that failure to submit an application could result in a First Tier Tribunal deciding that the landlord or RMC are liable for any remediation costs.

June 30th is not very far away, so if your application has not progressed or if you are thinking about making an application please do contact SAY, we would be very happy to explain in more detail how we might help. Alternatively, visit for more information.

In the meantime, here are a few examples of what our clients are saying about us:

‘A huge thank you to all at SAY for the incredible job you have done steering us through the Building Safety Fund process. When we embarked on this journey last summer we realised it was going to be a challenging and difficult process. Thank goodness we were introduced to you.’ Director of an RMC

‘A full application for funding under the Government scheme is not to be underestimated. Having the support of SAY, with an understanding of the process as well their general knowledge of the construction industry was invaluable.’  Chair of an RMC

‘SAY’s assistance has been very important to us in seeking to implement the improvements we need to make to our building. Their knowledge and experience of an untried and complex funding process has been highly valuable.’  Development Director at a Landlord/Developer

Charles Seifert, Director at SAY Property Consulting 

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