Future Group Launch Future Fuel EV Connected

Future Fuel EV Connected bridges the gap between new build developers and the Electric Vehicle chargers they are obligated to install, and the property managers and residents that inherit them.

Future Group are firmly established as multi-manufacturer-approved EV specialists and knowledge leaders in the leasehold block management space. Their services include eco-centric design, compliance and maintenance for lighting schemes, electrical installations, fire safety and security systems, EV chargers and block refurbishment. For many large-scale developers and property management companies across the south-east, they are a one-stop shop for block management support.

Their Future Fuel division has been on the front line of EV charger installation, commissioning and maintenance since 2019. As award-winning, OZEV and multi-manufacturer approved installers, they have now launched an additional offering: Future Fuel EV Connected. This service offers support to developers and property managers alike to ensure the safety, compliance, and maintenance of residential block EV chargers.


The Issue the Leasehold Sector is Facing

Developers are obligated to furnish block car parks with EV chargers. This is fantastic news for eco-centric residents and the planet. However, developers are under no obligation to safety check their installations, or to provide any information to the property managers who inherit their sites. This leaves many property managers facing unsafe installs, non-commissioned chargers (which can increase a block’s electricity bill enormously if the chargers are utilised by residents) and a complete lack of information to enable them to maintain their chargers appropriately.

Property managers struggle to gather the information needed to make informed decisions about the EV chargers they have on site. Finding out what brand the chargers are, whether they are active or passive, commissioned or non-commissioned, safe or unsafe can all be very challenging. It’s here that Future Fuel EV Connected have found a need for expert support. As an ideally positioned third-party, they are well-placed to gather the information needed and to connect the dots between what is currently in place and what needs to be done for the sake of safety and compliance.

“Having been approached by many large-scale developers and property management firms, we felt a new service was needed to correct this disconnect. Future Fuel EV Connected  has been launched to smooth the transition during a site handover. We can help on both sides of the fence- stepping in before the site handover to ensure a developer’s due diligence is done, and/or to safety check, commission and maintain the chargers for property managers who have already inherited a site.” Jamie Willsdon, Group Director

Future Fuel EV Connected Services

Future Fuel EV Connected provide a solution to the inherent issues with inherited chargers; their engineers are kept up to date with current leasehold law and compliance requirements and they provide safety checks, commissioning, scheduled servicing, and reactive repairs via 24/7 support.

Some details may be gathered over the phone, but to ensure the information a property manager holds is correct, the team will likely attend for an intrusive survey. A safety inspection is then provided, along with compliance certification and reporting. 

Damaged cables and other charging equipment including wiring and plugs severely increase the likelihood of electric shocks for the user. An AC electric vehicle charger requires 110 to 240 volts; enough to trigger muscle spasms that cause the sufferer to hold on for an extended period of time, increasing their risk of serious injury or even death. Damage can be caused by wear and tear, adverse weather or even vandalism. Unsafe installation also increases the likelihood of shocks. 

Trips and falls are common when charging electric vehicles- particularly in the case of at-home charge points. The layout of the chargers and cabling is often poorly planned with leads trailing across walkways or even at a low height above car park flooring. If low lighting is also a factor, trips are inevitable. If any defects or inadvisable layouts are detected, works can be quoted for.

Once the chargers are deemed safe for use, the team will move on to commissioning the chargers. This is the process by which the chargers are set up with a billing platform to ensure that the electricity used at each point is billed only to the electric vehicle user, and not to the block as a whole via the service charge. 

As accredited partners to a variety of third-party billing and management platforms, the team will advise re which one is most suited to the site- options may include Future Fuel’s own solution, Future Tap. Whichever platform is best, the team can provide training to property managers, or provide ongoing direct management of the platform for a small fee. All billing platforms offer ease of use and a direct contact for any billing issues experienced by residents, saving property managers the additional work of handling such enquiries.

With the chargers set up for use by residents, thoughts may well turn to maintenance. With a Planned Preventative Maintenance agreement in place, Future Fuel EV Connected can take over scheduled maintenance as well as providing 24/7 support for any charger-related concerns or emergencies.

Why Future Fuel?

Future Fuel understand the challenges of leasehold block management. They have worked in the arena since their inception in 2014 and are also experts in electric vehicle charge points and billing, having been leaders in the industry since Future Fuel began. This combined skillset positions them perfectly to respond to the issues caused by inherited charge points. Support can be provided via a stand-alone service, or as a bolt-on to any existing arrangements.

Non-commissioned, unsafe chargers can increase electricity bills for your block, pose real risk to life due to the high voltage at play, and create issues with buildings insurance. As leasehold and EV experts, Future Fuel EV Connected support will assure you and your residents that your chargers are safe, and that only the EV user will be paying for the electricity used. If you’d like to enquire about their services, please contact them directly.


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