Second Inferno Tragedy Strikes Spain: Three Dead, Including Child, in Villajoyosa Tower Blaze

A devastating fire engulfed a 24-storey block of flats near Benidorm, claiming the lives of three individuals, including a child, in the early hours of the morning. 

In a haunting echo of the Grenfell Tower catastrophe, a devastating inferno ripped through an apartment block in Valencia, Spain, leaving behind a scene of horror and despair.

The blaze erupted around 2:15 am on the 11th floor of the residential building, shattering the tranquility of the night with chilling cries for help echoing amidst the chaos. Emergency services swiftly sprang into action, evacuating 120 residents from the engulfed structure.


Among the casualties were members of the same family, although their nationalities remain undisclosed at this time. Fifteen individuals suffered injuries from smoke inhalation, ranging from ages 13 to 67. Authorities confirmed that seven women and eight men, including minors, were among those affected.

Located in Villajoyosa, a mere ten-minute drive from the renowned tourist haven of Costa Blanca, the incident has shaken the local community to its core. Unconfirmed reports suggest that the deceased include a child, his father, and the grandmother.

In a heart-wrenching video shared by a bystander, screams pierced the night as flames devoured the building, casting a pall of horror over the scene. The tragedy compounds the grief still palpable in Valencia following the recent fatal fire that claimed ten lives on February 22.

The proximity of the blaze to the residential area where Russian defector Maxim Kuzminov was fatally shot just weeks prior adds a chilling layer to the unfolding events. Investigations into both incidents continue, with authorities yet to ascertain the cause of the fire that razed the Benidorm tower.

As firefighters battled the inferno through the night, eventually extinguishing the flames by 7:34 am, questions linger regarding the circumstances surrounding the tragedy. Civil Guard investigators are diligently working to uncover the truth behind the deadly blaze that has left a community reeling from profound loss.

With the nation still grappling with the aftermath of two catastrophic fires in quick succession, Spain mourns the lives lost and braces for the arduous journey of healing and rebuilding ahead.

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