Unveiling Success: Block Recruit Group's 4-Day Work Week Trial

Block Recruit Group embarked on an innovative journey with its 4-day work week trial, stirring interest in a new era of work practices. But what's driving the excitement around this pioneering approach?

The trial wasn't just about trimming workdays; it aimed to revolutionise the workplace experience. By condensing the workweek, Block Recruit Group sought to elevate productivity, boost well-being, and attract top talent. 

Over six months, meticulous data collection and analysis across various performance indicators provided insights into the trial's impact. While productivity didn't soar as anticipated, it wasn't a setback but a revelation. The team's focus on quality over quantity led to a remarkable 11.88% increase in sales. Working smarter, not harder, yielded tangible success.


Employee engagement witnessed a notable uptick, rising by 7.70%. With a healthier work-life balance, staff reported higher job satisfaction and well-being, with work-life balance improving by an impressive 32.9%. Notably, talent attraction surged, drawing in over six hundred applicants eager to join the workforce.

Challenges arose, as expected, from navigating team dynamics to HR policies. However, proactive solutions, including focused working and streamlined communication, ensured a smooth transition.

Looking ahead, the company remains committed to the 4-day work week model, prioritising employee well-being and sustainable growth. By leveraging technology and refining internal processes, they aim to further enhance productivity while preserving the newfound work-life harmony.

Curiosity stirred? Delve deeper into the trial results and hear firsthand accounts from team members Posy, Talia, Matty, Bryn, and Alice. Embrace change, prioritise well-being, and discover the potential of a 4-day work week. Contact Managing Director Alice Cadfan-Lewis alice@blockrecruit.co.uk


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