Xtra Maintenance goes from strength to strength

Xtra Maintenance Limited are delighted to be the newly appointment out of hours contractor for a leading block management company. This new contract sees Xtra Maintenance providing a 24 hour telephone service in house vetting our clients calls, instructing contracted site providers and handling all other emergencies.

We took a moment to catch up with CEO Ricky Weston who commented “it is a real achievement being appointed on this contract, it shows our high-level customer service and professionalism is being acknowledged. Most importantly it is good to see customers are opting to go with a provider who has great knowledge of their buildings. This will ensure all calls and emergencies are dealt with correctly and accordingly. Our knowledge of our clients’ buildings allows us to liaise with their clients who are raising the emergencies, troubleshooting via the telephone and most importantly knowing what falls under there management remit and what does not”

The new contract sees Xtra Maintenance adding 30,000 units to their out of hours portfolio.


If you wish to make an enquiry about the services we provide or find out more information please email enquiries@xtramaintenance.co.uk

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