It's Complicated

Delegates enjoy drinks on the lawn before a gala dinner

At Property Management Unwrapped, the unmissable annual event for all property managers and directors, one message was clear; it’s going to get complicated.
No, we are not talking Brexit, we are talking properties themselves and, as a consequence, every aspect of the sector.
Take for example, two of our keynote speakers - Dan Harrison of Pier Management and Kelly Bream of Berkley Group. Together, they opened the conference with the controversial question ‘Investment or Development – it’s all the same isn’t it?’ Their collective view is that it is about so much more than the money. They want to see property managers who provide added value, encouraging life-long customers for their brand in a highly competitive environment. They want to see an irresistible and imaginative sense of community delivered. One that can be replicated across their properties and which could even include fresh coffee delivered in the reception areas or beehives on the roof!
The increasing complexity of the industry inevitably leads to a need to upskill those working in it. Our other fantastic keynote presenter, Andrew Bulmer from RICS, surprised many delegates with the news that US managers are being parachuted into UK Housing Associations to train up managers in the ‘American-way’. Meanwhile, Roger Hardwick, the award-winning Head of Residential Leasehold at Brethertons LLP, delighted the audience with information on how they could save 20% via the VAT on a carefully constructed Lease.
If you think that sounds complicated, wait until you hear about the trend for housing associations to mix social with rented units in one block. Not to mention other sites combining commercial units, with high-end flats and even hotels. All of which spreads your average property manager very thinly, 
though conversely makes a well-skilled and dedicated one more vital than ever. 
Help was at hand from ‘Productivity Ninja’ Graham Allcott who advised delegates on techniques to work smarter including, ‘Ruthlessness, Mindfulness and Stealth & Camouflage’. His talk was just the invigorating tonic for bleary-eyed audience members on the morning after the fun-filled night 
With key industry stakeholders speaking such as Dr Nigel Glen of ARMA, Tony Essien of LEASE and Alan Wake of National Leasehold Group to name just a few, why weren’t you there? Or if you were, we’re already looking forward to seeing you again next year!
Contact Brethertons at to register your interest for 2017 and request a copy of our property survey ‘State of the Property Management Nation’. 
Property Management Unwrapped, hosted by Brethertons Solicitors, helping the property sector unlock The Knowledge Within™
Alison McCormack, Director of Legal Services – Property Sector, Brethertons LLP
Comments from delegates and speakers

“@brethertonsllp @RICSnews Big thanks to Brethertons conference team – THAT is how to do events. Seriously relevant, great fun, new friends!” Andrew Bulmer via Twitter

“Brethertons staff very attentive and good ambassadors! Notes very good and about the right amount.” David Mayhew, West Kirby Letting Ltd
“The timings were brilliant, enough breaks to keep us interested and refreshed.” Gail Drysdale

“Had a great #PropManUnwrapped – thanks to @GladdenR, @McCormackAlison and the rest of the @brethertonsllp crew” ARMA via Twitter

“The Brethertons run breakout sessions are always really useful, more of these please” Anonymous
“Brethertonians were superb and informative.” Marilyn Davis, Bulmer Estates Limited
“Thank you @brethertonsllp @MarkN0rth @McCormackAlison for a lovely and insightful weekend” Ashfield Estates via Twitter


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