Qube launches new service to run Horizon property management system for customers

Qube Global Software has launched a new service which offers customers the option of passing the day-to-day management of their Horizon property management systems to Qube Global Software.

The move reduces the need for clients to have their own dedicated in-house staff.

Customers can use Qube’s expertise as creators of the software to administer it on their behalf, reducing staff commitments and costs. Qube has a large pool of staff who are highly trained in Horizon.


Qube’s chief executive John Cuppello said: “Software as a Service is rapidly becoming the preferred delivery method across all our products, and this new service is the natural next step.

“By becoming the first provider to extend the scope of our delivery to include the system administration functions, we are now offering an even better service to our customers and helping them make significant time and cost savings.”

Sunil Patel, Regional Director at property investment manager LaSalle, said: “Outsourcing the user administration function has allowed us to contract out a routine task that would otherwise be performed by higher level staff, who are better used elsewhere.”

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