The Rise of the Customer: The Opportunity for Resident Services - Enabled Through Tech

With a range of pressures squeezing margins, residential estate and block managers need to generate additional revenue streams. Building on the fact that customers are demanding higher levels of service, providing additional resident services would seem the obvious solution.
In this webinar, find out how block managers are using modern systems to both improve levels of service and branch out to generate revenue by providing value-added services to residents.

Webinar | 10:00am - 10:45am | 28 June 2017

“88% OF RESIDENTIAL MANAGERS ADMIT THAT THE SERVICE LEVELS EXPECTED OF THEM BY LEASEHOLDERS IS INCREASING” - Embracing Transformative Change: Insights into Technology and the Real Estate Sector

For the block management industry, the ‘rise of the customer’ presents a new set of opportunities to create additional income streams through the provision of value-added resident services such as amenity bookings, concierge services and advertising.


However, the functionality needs to be in place to manage the resource and the charges - and systems need to be structured properly to handle this marketing to both residents and leaseholders.

This webinar will cover:

  • Generating revenue through resident portals and value-added services
  • Using modern systems to improve service and resident engagement
  • How award-winning property management software can help deliver more opportunities for block managers

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