SDL Property Partners franchisee reveals key to success

The industry’s first property management franchise scheme, SDL Property Partners has gone strength to strength within its first year of launch, and its franchisees are no different.

Sam Kamara, a franchisee based in the Croydon area, has 15 years’ worth of experience within the property industry. He has decided to put this to good use and become his own boss by starting his own business. This has proved to be a good move as Sam has already successfully secured two management instructions in central London with more in the pipeline.

Speaking of his recent achievement Sam said: “Securing those instructions really gave me that buzz and thirst to keep pushing through with the business, despite with challenges that can arise along the way. I try to keep hold of that feeling in my mind throughout each task as securing an instruction can be like a light at the end of the tunnel and is definitely a feeling I want to keep striving towards.”


Even though Sam secured instructions early on within his franchisee journey it has not been without a lot of hard work behind the scenes. From keeping sight of his goal when previous attempts may have been unsuccessful, to overcoming his aversion of networking, Sam has proved that determination is key to being a successful franchisee.

However, Sam is not taking all of the credit for his success as he states: “The scheme [SDL Property Partners] has helped me massively, in all kinds of different ways, from the structured support to the different insights and advice from professional mentors.

“The support from the scheme has given me the confidence to branch out and reach out to the contacts I’ve made over the past 15 years and start having those conversations to build relationships and get my name out there amongst professionals in the market.”

Going forward, Sam wants to capitalise and increase his level of success and is setting further goals for himself as he said: “My aim for this quarter is to ensure I’m getting my name out there in the industry, whether that be attending property expos or utilising my connections over the phone, in person or by making the most of LinkedIn.

“It has been a great start to my first year of being a [Property Partners] franchisee. For anyone thinking about starting a business, my core advice - be prepared. It might seem like the simplest piece of advice, but it’s so important! Get an understanding of the industry and conduct research before making any decisions, it may seem time-consuming, but the end results will make such an impression on your brand within the market which makes it will all worth it.”


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